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epidemiological observations on stomach worms of donkeys in morocco.over two consecutive years, weekly examinations for the presence of nematodes were conducted on 185 stomachs from donkeys originating mainly from the rabat, casablanca and settat regions of morocco. all the animals, except one, were infected by at least one of four helminth species. trichostrongylus axei was found in 93.5%, habronema muscae in 89.7%, h. majus in 85.4% and draschia megastoma in 1.1% of donkeys. most animals were infected by two (23.8%) or three (71.9%) species. high burdens of t. ...19921466146
epidemiological study of the cystic echinococcosis in morocco.the objectives of this epidemiological study on cystic echinococcosis (ce) in morocco (2001-2004) were to update the prevalence of ce in different animal species living in the most important areas of the country and to collect protoscoleces and germinal layers for genetic research purposes. the post mortem inspection concerned 2948 sheep, 2337 goats, 618 cattle, 482 camels and 455 equines (325 horses, 60 mules and 70 donkeys) in five different regions: the rif (mediterranean coast and high mount ...200616473466
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