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lead, cadmium and mercury in the blood of the blue-footed booby (sula nebouxii) from the coast of sinaloa, gulf of california, mexico.we used blood samples of the blue-footed booby, considering sex (female and male) and age-class (adult and chick) of individuals at different breeding stages during two breeding seasons (2010-2011 and 2011-2012) in isla el rancho, sinaloa, to determine lead, cadmium, and mercury concentrations. lead and cadmium concentrations were below our detection limit (0.05 and 0.36ppm, respectively). a higher concentration of mercury was found in early stages of breeding, likely related to changes in mercu ...201627318761
local and interannual variations in mercury and cadmium in eggs of eight seabird species of the sinaloa coast, méxico.mercury (hg) and cadmium (cd) concentrations in eggs of 8 seabird species inhabiting 5 coastal ecosystems in sinaloa, méxico were determined during 2 breeding seasons (2012 and 2013): blue-footed booby (sula nebouxii), brown booby (sula leucogaster), double-crested cormorant (phalacrocorax auritus), magnificent frigatebird (fregata magnificens), brown pelican (pelecanus occidentalis), royal tern (thalasseus maximus), laughing gull (leucophaeus atricilla), and heermann's gull (larus heermanni). t ...201626887632
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