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[epidemiologic features of tetanus in adults form yucatan, mexico].to describe epidemiologic features from tetanus in adult patients (tiap) treated at hospital general o'horan in merida, yucatan, mexico and compare them with another mexican series analyzed 25 years ago.200611921527
prevalence of abortion and stillbirth in a beef cattle system in southeastern mexico.prenatal mortality is an important cause of production losses in the livestock industry. this study estimates the prevalences of abortion and stillbirth in a beef cattle system and determines the significance of some risk factors, in the tropics of mexico. data were obtained from a zebu cattle herd and their crosses with bos taurus breeds, in yucatan, mexico. the logit of the probability of an abortion or stillbirth was modeled using binary logistic regression. the risk factors tested were: year ...200919449114
prevalence and risk factors of toxoplasma gondii in fattening pigs farm from yucatan, mexico.the objective of this study was to estimate the prevalence and identify risk factors associated with the presence of toxoplasma gondii in pig-fattening farms from yucatan, mexico. a cross-sectional study was conducted with a two-stage sampling. there were 429 pigs sampled from 39 farms randomly selected. blood samples were collected to obtain dna and serum. the presence of igm and igg antibodies was determined by indirect elisa. prevalence was estimated by diagnostic test. potential risk factors ...201323841058
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