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a new species of acanthobothrium van beneden, 1849 (eucestoda:tetraphyllidea: onchobothriidae) in dasyatis longus garman (chondrichthyes:myliobatiformes:dasyatididae) from chamela bay, jalisco, mexico.a new species of acanthobothrium in dasyatis longus from chamela bay, jalisco, mexico, is a member of a presumed clade of species diagnosed by being anapolytic or nearly so, having more than 100 testes per proglottis, with immature and mature proglottides wider than long to square, aspinose scolex, muscular bothridia fused to the scolex at their posterior ends, h- to v -shaped ovaries, relatively short symmetrical to asymmetrical ovarian arms that extend anteriorly to, or nearly to, the cirrus s ...19968636857
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