[the socio-economic impact of asthmatic disease at bamako about 131 cases].with an aim of evaluating the socio-economic impact of the asthmatic disease in mali, a cross-sectional study was carried out of july 1st to september 30, 2006 in the district of bamako. the study proceeded with the service of pneumo-phthisiology of the chu of the point g and in 4 of the 6 drawn health center of reference of the district to the fate. 131 asthmatic patients were indexed on 1595 consultations is a frequency of 8, 24%. the average age was 31 years, the sex-ratio was of 1,2 in favou ...200920093206
[assessment of the availability and use of antivenom in the district of bamako, mali, west africa].the aim of this study is to describe the difficulties related to problems of supply and use of antivenom serum (sav) in the district of bamako. a retrospective study over a span of five years (january 1998-december 2002) and an interview with the staff of various facilities were conducted. the study included 2 wholesalers of pharmaceuticals, 20 private pharmacies, and 2 hospital pharmacies as they were involved in antivenom trades. a market-driving ability survey of driving practice was conducte ...201222707256
[evaluation of rational prescribing and dispensing of medicines in mali].pharmaceutical policy in mali is based on the concept of essential medicines and procurement of generic medicines. unfortunately, increasing availability of generic medicines via different promotional programs can often be accompanied by their irrational use. this survey was thus designed to evaluate rational prescribing and dispensing of medicines in mali. a cross-sectional survey was conducted from 1998 to 2005 in 30 primary health centers and 30 private dispensaries; in bamako and in 6 of the ...200617194981
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