molecular detection and characterization of potentially new babesia and theileria species/variants in wild felids from kenya.piroplasms frequently infect domestic and wild carnivores. at present, there is limited information on the occurrence and molecular identity of these tick-borne parasites in wild felids in kenya. in 2009, a pair of captive lions (panthare leo) was diagnosed with suspected babesiosis and mineral deficiency at an animal orphanage on the outskirts of nairobi, kenya. blood smears indicated presences of haemoparasites in the erythrocytes, however, no further investigations were conducted to identify ...201222796449
a survey for echinococcus spp. of carnivores in six wildlife conservation areas in investigate the presence of echinococcus spp. in wild mammals of kenya, 832 faecal samples from wild carnivores (lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, wild dogs and silver-backed jackals) were collected in six different conservation areas of kenya (meru, nairobi, tsavo west and tsavo east national parks, samburu and maasai mara national reserves). taeniid eggs were found in 120 samples (14.4%). in total, 1160 eggs were isolated and further analysed using rflp-pcr of the nad1 gene and sequencing. 3 ...201424732034
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