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detection of bat coronaviruses from miniopterus fuliginosus in japan.bats have great potential as reservoirs for emerging viruses such as severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus. in this study, bat coronaviruses (btcovs) were detected by rt-pcr from intestinal and fecal specimens of miniopterus fuliginosus breeding colonies in wakayama prefecture caves, where we previously identified bat betaherpesvirus 2. two primer sets were used for the detection of btcov: one was for the rna-dependent rna polymerase (rdrp) region and the other was for the spike (s) prot ...201121877208
the genetic diversity of d-loop sequences in eastern bent-winged bats (miniopterus fuliginosus) living in wakayama prefecture, japan.the eastern bent-winged bat (miniopterus fuliginosus) is an insectivorous bat that lives in the caves, throughout japan [11]. the bats aggregate in cave in populations of tens to thousands of individuals. we examined the mitochondrial d-loop sequences of bats in wakayama, japan, and divided them into 35 haplotypes. the sequences of 3 haplotypes in wakayama were the same as those of 10 miniopterus fuliginosus individuals living in china. given the substitution rate of the d-loop region, we specul ...201728484149
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