[a case control study of cancer of the pancreas].we report the findings of a case-control study of cancer of the pancreas, which was conducted in hokkaido prefecture. seventy-one patients with pancreatic cancer were matched on sex and age (+/- 3 years) to 142 community-based controls. the latter had telephone interviews. we questioned all subjects about demographic factors, diet, beverage consumption, and medical and surgical history. significantly decreased risks were associated with consumption of raw vegetables and green tea. the risk incre ...19902313889
dietary habits and cancer mortality among middle aged and older japanese living in hokkaido, japan by cancer site and sex.dietary factors are thought to be closely associated with the development of human cancers and hence numerous studies in this area have already been conducted in the united states and other western countries. comparatively few prospective studies have been published in japan, especially for hokkaido people. the present investigation was therefore performed to assess links between four leading cancers and some of the japanese common dietary factors through a cohort study (1984-2002) in hokkaido b ...200415075007
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