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an outbreak of goose parvovirus infection in a muscovy duck breeding-growing farm in aomori prefecture, most of ducklings hatched during spring in 1994 died within two-week-old. the mortality was nearly 100%. in most cases, birds died without clinical signs and some with leg weakness. by serological and virological tests, the outbreak was identified as a goose parvovirus infection. in pathological test, however, no typical manifestations of goose parvovirus infections (hepatitis and intranuclear inclusion bodies in hepatic cells) were d ...19958519919
outbreaks of fowl cholera in muscovy ducks (cairina moschata) on a farm in aomori prefecture.outbreaks of a subacute disease characterized by lameness, corneal turbidity, dysstasia and depression occurred in muscovy ducks (cairina moschata) on a farm in aomori prefecture in february and may 1991. nine strains of pasteurella multocida were isolated from 5 to 6 dead ducks, and 4 of 8 ducks with clinical signs. serotypes of the isolates were identified as heddleston's serotype 1, 10 or 12 and namioka's serotypes 5:a, 8:a, 9:a or 9:ut. these isolates were highly susceptible to 12 antibiotic ...19968777238
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