serological survey of toxoplasma gondii in wild waterfowl in chukotka, kamchatka, russia and hokkaido, japan.antibodies to toxoplasma gondii were assayed by elisa in 22 experimentally inoculated domestic ducks. in addition, a serological assay was carried out at obihiro, hokkaido, japan, in 2004 and 2005, on 221 wild ducks of 5 species: anas platyrhynchus (n = 111); a. poecilorhyncha (n = 27); a. acuta (n = 58); a. penelope (n = 16); and a. crecca (n = 9). assays were also conducted using sera from 197 wild geese of 2 species, i.e., anser albifrons (n = 162) and ans. fabalis (n = 35). birds were collec ...200818576786
surveillance of marek's disease virus in migratory and sedentary birds in hokkaido, japan.marek's disease virus serotype 1 (mdv-1) strains cause malignant lymphoma in chickens. mdv-1 has been previously reported to be widespread in white-fronted geese (anser albifrons); however, the prevalence of mdv-1 in other wild birds has not been determined. in this study, we investigated the prevalence of mdv-1 in various wild birds in hokkaido, japan. the mdv-1 genome was widespread in geese and ducks, but was not detected in other birds. mdv-1 was detected in both sedentary and migratory spec ...201121908212
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