surnames in sardinia. i. fit of frequency distributions for neutral alleles and genetic population structure.distributions of surnames were examined using data from about 40 000 individuals from consanguineous marriages (1930-59) in the island of sardinia. they fit the karlin-mcgregor (1967) distribution for neutral alleles. the logarithmic distribution by fisher (1943) and the karlin-mcgregor (1967) distribution give practically indistinguishable fits to these data. the two parameters underlying the fisher distribution, alpha and nu, are fully interdependent, given the sample size n. from the latter a ...19836651221
the polymorphism of the apob 3' vntr in the populations of the three largest islands of the western enlarge the knowledge of genetic characteristics of the populations of the three largest islands of the western mediterranean--corsica (france), sardinia and sicily (italy)--the allele distribution of the vntr apob 3' locus was studied. a total of 250 individuals was examined. twelve different alleles were found, with a minimum of 7 alleles in sicily and a maximum of 9 alleles in the sardinians from campidano of cagliari and nuorese. the most frequent allele in all the samples is allele 37, f ...19989816426
forensic genetic value of a 27 y-str loci multiplex (yfiler(®) plus kit) in an italian population sample.the analysis of y chromosome short tandem repeat (y-str) haplotypes provides important information that can be used for investigative purposes and in population studies. the yfiler(®) plus pcr amplification kit (yfiler(®) plus, thermo fisher scientific, waltham, ma, usa) allows the multiplex amplification of 27 y-strs, including 7 rapidly mutating markers (rm y-strs). in this study, 203 unrelated males from italy, which were subdivided into 4 different geographical groups (north, center, south a ...201626639175
benthic foraminifera response and geochemical characterization of the coastal environment surrounding the polluted industrial area of portovesme (south-western sardinia, italy).to study the benthic foraminifers' response to heavy metal pollution and analyse the geochemical parameters, samples of surface sediments were collected in 2005 and 2006 from a polluted coastal zone shorefront to the industrial complex of portoscuso-portovesme (sulcis, south-western sardinia). the samples came from the upper 1-2 cm of the undisturbed sediments in water less than 2m deep, along coastline (about 8.5 km in length) proximal to emerged alluvial plain. the entire examined marine area ...200919853262
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