burden of hospitalizations due to rotavirus infection in emilia romagna, italy.the aim of this study was to collect data on hospitalizations due to gastrointestinal diseases, in particular rotavirus gastroenteritis (rvge), in the region of emilia romagna, italy. the national hospital discharge database was used to evaluate the epidemiology of rv infections in the 2000-2003 period, analyzing only the principal diagnosis. the available age groups were 0-14 years, 15-64 years and, >64 years. hospitalization related costs were estimated through diagnosis related group (drg) ra ...200718330076
putting e-government to work in healthcare environment: a multiregional project funded by the italian innovation & technology 2002, the italian ministry of innovation promoted a national bid for e-government projects. specifically it allocated a budget of 120 m euro. one of the four project approved in healthcare sector was the "information, care ("assistenza" in italian) and healthcare education by the web" (iaew), with a global budget of 2580 k euro, partially financed by ministry with a quota of 830 k euro. the project involves 12 medical structures (both national excellences centers and local regional hospitals) ...200415360997
economic appraisal of the angioplasty procedures performed in 2004 in a high-volume diagnostic and interventional cardiology unit.growing interest in the use of drug-eluting stents (dess) in coronary angioplasty has prompted the healthcare agency of the emilia romagna region to draw up recommendations for their appropriate clinical use in high-risk patients. since the adoption of any new technology necessitates economic appraisal, we analysed the resource consumption of the various types of angioplasty procedures and the impact on the budget of a cardiology department.200717885516
use of antibacterial agents in italian hospitals: a 2004 to 2011 drug utilization survey in the emilia-romagna assess 8-year antibiotic consumption and expenditure in all of the hospitals of emilia romagna. the analysis was based on the pharmacy records of each hospital. antibiotic drug consumption was expressed as ddds per 100 bed-days used (bdu) and data were analyzed according to atc classification and to single wards. expenditure was expressed as euros per 100 bdu. in the 8-years considered, overall consumption increased by 27% and expenditure by only 3%. consumption was higher in surgical wards t ...201424484182
the role of gp's compensation schemes in diabetes care: evidence from panel data.we investigate the impact of the implementation of diabetes management programs with financial incentives in the italian region emilia-romagna between 2003 and 2005. we focus on avoidable hospitalisations for diabetic patients for whom gps receive additional payments exceeding capitation. we estimate a panel count data model to test the hypothesis that those patients under the responsibility of gps receiving a higher share of their income through ad-hoc payments, are less likely to experience av ...201424513859
a budget impact analysis of bronchial thermoplasty for severe asthma in clinical practice.fully 80% of asthma-related deaths occur in patients with uncontrolled disease and 50% of all costs are attributable to this subgroup. although asthma is costly, direct costs and loss of productivity have only recently been extensively studied, partly as a result of the introduction of new and more costly treatment options. a 5-year population-based budget impact model in the perspective of the emilia romagna of italy regional healthcare service compared the impact of adding adjuvant bronchial t ...201425009004
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