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[potential impact of drug-eluting stents in sicily: results from a multicenter survey and cost-benefit analysis of drug-eluting stents versus bare metal stents].the recent introduction of drug-eluting stents (des) has shown, in randomized controlled trials, to reduce the incidence of restenosis as compared to bare metal stents (bms). since their cost is considerably higher than that of bms, the study assessed the economic impact of the adoption of this new therapy in the sicilian clinical practice.200415554018
an ancient mediterranean melting pot: investigating the uniparental genetic structure and population history of sicily and southern italy.due to their strategic geographic location between three different continents, sicily and southern italy have long represented a major mediterranean crossroad where different peoples and cultures came together over time. however, its multi-layered history of migration pathways and cultural exchanges, has made the reconstruction of its genetic history and population structure extremely controversial and widely debated. to address this debate, we surveyed the genetic variability of 326 accurately ...201424788788
molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis in sicily, italy: what has changed after a decade?we aimed to investigate the molecular epidemiology of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (mtbc) isolates in the province of palermo, sicily, italy, by characterizing 183 isolates identified in the years 2004-2012. a comparison with 104 mtbc strains identified in the same geographic area in the years 1994-2000 was also carried out.201425407589
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