the european union interreg program: italian-albanian experience with kidney transplants.a collaboration between the regional health agency of puglia (ares), the italian ministry of health and the albanian ministry of health, was realized in 2008. one of the areas of interest was to promote the performance of kidney transplants in albania by albanian medical staff, funded with nearly 2 million euros. the program included two major goals: to transmit the required know-how to health care staff and to upgrade the albanian facilities and equipment to the standards necessary for successf ...201122184834
effectiveness of vaccination against varicella in children under 5 years in puglia, italy italy, between 2003 and 2010, 8/21 regions recommended varicella routine vaccination (urv). the national immunization plan (pnpv) 2012-2014 scheduled the introduction of urv nationwide in 2015, following the results achieved by the eight regions.   puglia adopted varicella urv in 2006. this study describes epidemiology and costs of varicella in puglia between 2003 and 2012. one-dose vaccine effectiveness (ve) against varicella of any severity and severe hospitalized cases in children was also ...201525483538
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