west nile virus transmission in 2008 in north-eastern italy.after 10 years, west nile virus (wnv) re-emerged in italy in august 2008. as on 31 december 2008, the infection affected eight provinces in three regions (emilia romagna, veneto, lombardy), where a total of 794 cases of wnv infection in 251 equine stables were detected on the basis of the clinical signs and as a result of a serological screening in horses living in the area. only 4.0% (32/794) of the serologically positive animals showed clinical signs, and the 32 clinical cases were reported in ...201020042066
outbreak of type c botulism in birds and mammals in the emilia romagna region, northern italy.over a 7-day period beginning 8 august 2011, a large number of wild birds of several species were found dead or with neurologic clinical signs along the shore of crostolo stream, in the emilia romagna region, italy. twenty-eight mallards (anas platyrhynchos), two hooded crows (corvus corone cornix), and three coypus (myocastor coypus) were found moribund on the crostolo stream bank, collected, and sent to istituto zooprofilattico sperimentale della lombardia e dell'emilia romagna, reggio emilia ...201324502738
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