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assessment of water pollution in the tronto river (italy) by applying useful biomarkers in the fish model carassius auratus.the tronto river (southern marche region of central italy) is located in an area with neighboring industrial activities and is contaminated with domestic and industrial wastewater. water quality data analyses revealed the presence of a mixture of low levels of heavy metals and organic compounds. the effects of long-term exposure to tronto river water on juvenile carassius auratus were evaluated with an integrated approach using xenoestrogens biomarkers, such as vitellogenin (vtg) and er beta-1 m ...200818214578
determination of estrogenic activity in the river chienti (marche region, italy) by using in vivo and in vitro bioassays.environmental estrogen-like compounds (i.e. xenoestrogens) are a variety of pollutants, ranging from synthetic to natural occurring molecules, that are found in surface and waste waters over a wide range of concentrations. in aquatic environment, the overall estrogenic activity is often due to the presence of a mixture of chemicals and their degraded products which can induce synergistic effects. current strategies for monitoring estrogen-like chemicals are based on the use of a battery of in vi ...201627155408
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