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molecular characterization of leishmania spp. in reservoir hosts in endemic foci of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in iran.zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis (zcl) is an expanding disease and a public health issue in iran. in the present study, rate of natural infection of rodent populations with leishmania was investigated in six endemic foci including 28 villages in golestan, esfahan, yazd, fars, khuzestan and ilam provinces. a total of 593 rodents were captured and identified as rhombomys opimus (n = 325), meriones libycus (n = 171), meriones persicus (n = 27), tatera indica (n = 37), nesokia indica (n = 12), rattu ...201323951928
detection of toxoplasma gondii by pcr and mouse bioassay in rodents of ahvaz district, southwestern iran.toxoplasma gondii is obligate coccidian zoonotic parasite. felidae family is definitive and wide ranges of warm-blooded vertebrates are intermediate hosts for the parasite. rodents are measured as an important source of t. gondii infection for the definitive host. thus, this study aimed to investigate toxoplasm infection in rodents of ahvaz district, southwest of iran. a total of 100 rodents (73 rattus norvegicus, 21 rattus rattus, and 6 mus musculus) were collected and studied by gra6pcr and mo ...201424605327
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