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report: the assessment of hospital waste management:a case study in waste management is an important process that must be dealt with diligently. the management of hazardous waste material requires specific knowledge and regulations and it must be carried out by specialists in the field. in this cross-sectional study, we assessed the main stages of hospital waste management including separation, containment, removal and disposal of waste materials in public hospitals affiliated with tehran university of medical sciences (tums). we selected 108 units of s ...200818649580
prevalence of smuggled and foreign cigarette use in tehran, 2009.iran is one of two main target markets for tobacco smuggling in the who's eastern mediterranean region. the iranian government has a local tobacco monopoly but there is high demand for international brands. informal reports show about 20% of cigarette consumption is smuggled brands. this pack survey study is the first in iran to gather validated information on use of smuggled cigarettes.201020876076
prevalence of oral mucosal lesions and related factors in 200 hiv(+) /aids iranian patients.j oral pathol med (2011) 40: 659-664 background: human immunodeficiency virus infection is a worldwide problem, which affects both developed and developing countries the same. oral lesions related to this disease are important because they affect the patient's quality of life. in developed countries, these lesions are well classified, but fewer reports on this subject are available in developing countries. regarding the wide range of oral lesions and lack of solid status in iran, this study has ...201121342272
clinical and electrophysiological features of guillain-barré syndrome in iran.we evaluated the clinical and electrophysiological characteristics of 121 consecutive patients admitted with guillain-barré syndrome (gbs) to a tertiary referral hospital in tehran, iran, from 1997 to 2007. the mean age of patients was 38.9 (standard deviation 19.7) years. the predominant subtype of gbs was the demyelinating form. miller fisher syndrome was present in 3.3% of patients. there was no significant seasonal clustering among the three subtypes, but axonal variants tend to occur in sum ...201424786718
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