mercury contamination in some marine biota species from khuzestan shore, persian this study, concentrations of mercury (hg) were analyzed in some marine biota species (fish, shrimp, and crab) from khuzestan shore, north part of the persian gulf. it was also our intention to evaluate potential risks to human health associated with seafood consumption. the results indicated that concentrations of hg in the fish and crustacean were different among the species and tissues. liver in fish and hepatopancreas in crustacean exhibited higher hg concentration than the other tissues. ...201625500758
mercury concentrations and health risk assessment for two fish species, barbus grypus and barbus luteus, from the maroon river, khuzestan province, iran.the purposes of this study are to investigate the concentration of mercury in edible muscle tissues of two popular edible fish species: the shirbot (barbus grypus) and hemri (barbus luteus), from the maroon river, khuzestan province, iran, and to assess the risk of their toxicity on human health. we collected 20 samples of each species from the river, and after biometry and determination of their age and sex, concentration of total mercury (assumed to be about 100% methylmercury) was measured. f ...201526419381
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