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detection of enzootic plague foci in peninsular india.a continuous serological and bacteriological surveillance in rodents was carried out in peninsular india i.e. andhra pradesh, karnataka and tamil nadu to detect the role of different species of rodents in the maintenance of active enzootic plague foci. live rodents were collected from wild and ruderal/peri-domestic situations by digging and trapping for sera and organ samples. during 1989 to 2007 serological evidence of plague was detected in different species of rodents in peninsular india. pla ...201123781629
abundance & distribution of trombiculid mites & orientia tsutsugamushi, the vectors & pathogen of scrub typhus in rodents & shrews collected from puducherry & tamil nadu, india.human cases of scrub typhus are reported every year from puducherry and adjoining areas in southern india. however, information on the presence of causative agent, orientia tsutsugamushi, and its vectors is lacking. hence, the objective of the study was to find out the vector as well as pathogen distribution in rodents and shrews present in the scrub typhus-reported areas in southern india.201628474626
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