inbreeding effects in a coastal village and other parts of andhra pradesh.a survey was carried out among fisher-women in pallepalam, in nellore district of andhra pradesh, to determine the prevalence and pattern of consanguinity and its effects on fertility, mortality, and morbidity. of the 106 marriages investigated, 54.72% were consanguineous with predominant proportions of first cousin (36.79%) and uncle-niece (13.21%) marriages. the average inbreeding coefficients for autosomal and sex-linked genes were found to be 0.0405 and 0.0448 respectively. the differences b ...1978751385
heritability of body measurements among the jalari population in visakhapatnam.a total of 436 jalari families, a fishing caste population of visakhapatnam in andhra pradesh, india, are surveyed for thirteen anthropometric measurements. heritability coefficients (h2) of these anthropometric measurements are calculated using fisher (1918) and penrose (1971) formulae. the longitudinal measurements record highest heritability coefficients followed by breadth measurements and circumferences. the heritability coefficients of all the measurements, calculated by using penrose's me ...20076638944
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