polychaete worms--a vector for white spot syndrome virus (wssv).the present work provides the first evidence of polychaete worms as passive vectors of white spot syndrome virus (wssv) in the transmission of white spot disease to penaeus monodon broodstocks. the study was based on live polychaete worms, marphysa spp., obtained from worm suppliers/worm fishers as well as samples collected from 8 stations on the northern coast of tamilnadu (india). tiger shrimp penaeus monodon broodstock with undeveloped ovaries were experimentally infected with wssv by feeding ...200515819425
post-tsunami relocation of fisher settlements in south asia: evidence from the coromandel coast, india.the tsunami that struck the coasts of india on 26 december 2004 resulted in the large-scale destruction of fisher habitations. the post-tsunami rehabilitation effort in tamil nadu was directed towards relocating fisher settlements in the interior. this paper discusses the outcomes of a study on the social effects of relocation in a sample of nine communities along the coromandel coast. it concludes that, although the participation of fishing communities in house design and in allocation procedur ...201525546250
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