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dental caries status and treatment needs of children of fisher folk communities, residing in the coastal areas of karnataka region, south assess the dental caries status and treatment needs of children belonging to the fisher folk communities.200717621853
physicians' tobacco intervention counseling in a tertiary care hospital of south india.the tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats in the present world with a substantial contribution to mortality and morbidity. patients' visits to their doctors for illnesses and health check-ups offer a great opportunity to screen them for tobacco use and also counsel them to quit tobacco use. this cross sectional study was carried out in out-patient departments of general medicine and pulmonary medicine of a tertiary care medical college teaching hospital in dakshina kannada ...201424927976
isotopic and geochemical characterization of invader tilapia fishes from water bodies of west bengal and karnataka, india.the otoliths (n = 12) of freshwater invasive species tilapia (tilapia mossambicus) collected from two water bodies located at kolkata and bangalore, india, were analyzed for stable isotopes (δ18o, δ14c) and major and trace elements in order to assess the suitability of using otoliths as a tracer of aquatic environmental changes. the stable isotope analysis was done using the dual inlet system of a finnigan-mat 253 isotope ratio mass spectrometer (thermo-fisher, bremen, germany). concentrations o ...201526511853
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