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a prospective study evaluating clinical outcomes and costs of three nnrti-based haart regimens in kerala, india.this prospective, observational, study evaluates the clinical outcomes, drug utilization patterns, and adherence to treatment of patients on highly active anti retroviral therapy (haart) at a government institution in kerala, india.200919125901
reproductive tract infections: attitude and barriers among marginalized fisher women in kerala, south india.reproductive tract infections (rtis) are the cause of severe gynecological and maternal morbidity in india. in marginalized communities, women persevere quietly when faced with a culturally sensitive health issue such as an rti. to hypothesize on the differential health behavior and low levels of reported incidents among women living in marginalized communities, we undertake an exploratory study in a coastal fishermen community in south india. we identify barriers influencing decisions to seek c ...201728323558
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