heavy metal content in tea soils and their distribution in different parts of tea plants, camellia sinensis (l). o. kuntze.soils contaminated with heavy metals may pose a threat to environment and human health if metals enter the food chain over and above threshold levels. in general, there is a lack of information on the presence of heavy metals in tea [camellia sinensis (l). o. kuntze] plants and the soils in which they are grown. therefore, an attempt was made to establish a database on the important heavy metals: cadmium (cd), chromium (cr), nickel (ni), and lead (pb). for an initial survey on heavy metals, soil ...201627334344
dissipation kinetics of bifenazate in tea under tropical conditions.field experiments were conducted during april and may of 2011 in valparai, coonoor and gudalur (tamil nadu, india) to determine the residues of bifenazate in black tea. from this study, residue levels of bifenazate at different harvest intervals, persistence, dissipation pattern during processing, rate constant and half-life values were calculated. residues of bifenazate dissipated exponentially after spraying and at gudalur trial, on the 16th day after application residues were below the maximu ...201424128589
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