ethnoveterinary plants for the treatment of camels in shiwalik regions of kathua district of jammu & kashmir, india.camel is an important mode of transportation in the hot and hilly tracts of shiwaliks of kathua districts. the camel owners of the region lack the modern veterinary facilities and therefore depend heavily upon local treatments for the animal. this ethnoveterinary knowledge of plants is acquired by them from their forefathers and generally moves from one generation to another orally. the oral mode of transferring this valuable knowledge is vulnerable to erosion with the passage of time and genera ...201525917839
ethnoveterinary remedies of diseases among milk yielding animals in kathua, jammu and kashmir, india.the triangle of relationship between human beings, animals and plants has existed for ages, and has given rise to intense-relationships and consequently rich traditions of ethnoveterinary knowledge throughout the world. the predominantly rural population and the strong agricultural base have provided unique situation for rich ethnoveterinary practices in the study area.201222366093
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