human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infection in patients with lymphoid neoplasia.fourty-four patients with lymphoid neoplasia 37 males and 7 females aged 15 to 75 years, were seen in the department of internal medicine, tikur anbessa (black lion) hospital, addis ababa, ethiopia, between january and december 1988. twenty-seven (61.4%) had non-hodgkin's lymphoma, eleven (25%) hodgkin's disease and six (13.6%) chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. six (22.2%) of the non-hodgkin's lymphoma one, (9.1%) of the hodgkin's disease and none of the chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cases had posi ...19902209577
the etiology of community acquired pneumonia in adults in addis ababa.over a two year period, we prospectively studied 110 adult patients with community acquired pneumonia (cap) who presented to the black lion hospital, addis ababa, ethiopia. pneumococcal infection was diagnosed in 41% by the detection of pneumococcal antigen in sputum and other biologic fluids; in 72% by gram stain of lung aspirate (la) and in 67.5% by gram stain of sputum. blood and lung aspirate culture grew streptococcus pneumoniae in 4 cases (6%), staphylococcus aureus in 4 (6%), enterobacter ...19947841101
pleural tuberculosis in patients infected with hiv in addis determine the prevalence of hiv-1 infection in patients with pleural tuberculosis and compare the clinical and radiological characteristics, effects and side effects of drugs, compliance to treatment and outcome by hiv status.19969164013
bacteriological study of dacryocystitis among patients attending in menelik ii hospital, addis ababa, ethiopia.dacryocystitis usually results from blockage of the nasolacrimal duct. the treatment of such obstruction is surgery. there is a fivefold risk of soft tissue infection after open lacrimal surgery without systemic antibiotic prophylaxis that represents a significant risk of failure in lacrimal surgery.201020607995
digitizing an analog radiography teaching file under time constraint: trade-offs in efficiency and image quality.we digitized the radiography teaching file at black lion hospital (addis ababa, ethiopia) during a recent trip, using a standard digital camera and a fluorescent light box. our goal was to photograph every radiograph in the existing library while optimizing the final image size to the maximum resolution of a high quality tablet computer, preserving the contrast resolution of the radiographs, and minimizing total library file size. a secondary important goal was to minimize the cost and time requ ...201727644957
sociodemographic, clinical, and psychosocial factors associated with depression among type 2 diabetic outpatients in black lion general specialized hospital, addis ababa, ethiopia: a cross-sectional study.depression is a common comorbidity among patients with type 2 diabetes. there are several reports supporting a bidirectional association between depression and type 2 diabetes. however, there is limited data from non-western countries. therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the sociodemographic, clinical, and psychosocial factors associated with co-morbid depression among type 2 diabetic outpatients presenting to black lion general specialized hospital, addis ababa, ethiopia.201627083154
the east african training initiative. a model training program in pulmonary and critical care medicine for low-income countries.despite an extensive burden of lung disease in east africa, there are remarkably few pulmonary physicians in the region and no pulmonary subspecialty training programs. we developed a unique training program for pulmonary medicine in ethiopia. the east african training initiative (eati) is a 2-year fellowship program at tikur anbessa (black lion) specialized teaching hospital, the largest public hospital in ethiopia and the teaching hospital for the addis ababa university school of medicine. the ...201626991950
current efavirenz (efv) or ritonavir-boosted lopinavir (lpv/r) use correlates with elevate markers of atherosclerosis in hiv-infected subjects in addis ababa, patients on antiretroviral therapy have shown elevated incidence of dyslipidemia, lipodystrophy, and cardiovascular disease (cvd). most studies, however, focus on cohorts from developed countries, with less data available for these co-morbidities in ethiopia and sub-saharan africa.201525915208
magnitude, clinical and sociodemographic correlate of depression in diabetic patients, addis ababa, ethiopia.depression is a major factor in causing hospital admissions and deaths in persons with diabetes mellitus. so far there is no study available on depression among ethiopian diabetic patients.201324696975
no association of cryptococcal antigenemia with poor outcomes among antiretroviral therapy-experienced hiv-infected patients in addis ababa, ethiopia.there are limited data on clinical outcomes of art-experienced patients with cryptococcal antigenemia. we assessed clinical outcomes of a predominantly asymptomatic, art-experienced cohort of hiv+ patients previously found to have a high (8.4%) prevalence of cryptococcal antigenemia.201424465651
treatment of adult femoral shaft fractures using the perkins traction at addis ababa tikur anbessa university hospital: the ethiopian experience.this is a prospective study to evaluate the efficacy of the perkins traction in the treatment of adult femoral shaft fractures from october 1, 2007, to the present at the black lion hospital in addis ababa university hospital in ethiopia. all femur fractures admitted to the hospital were reviewed and evaluated for treatment. black lion hospital (tikur anbessa) is the university hospital in addis ababa and the highest tertiary teaching hospital in a country of 85 million inhabitants. a 67-bed ort ...201723343307
normal liver size measurement in ethiopian children below thirteen years of age, black lion hospital, addis ababa, ethiopia.ultrasound is an easy, safe and accurate imaging modality. it helps in safe evaluation of liver and measure the size to determine the normal value. normal value for liver size by ultrasound has to be determined in different age group and its variation with sex, height and weight has to be seen to detect hepatomegally. studies done on the normal size of the liver by ultrasound are limited in ethiopian children.201222924284
entrance surface dose measurement in pediatric patients undergoing common diagnostic x-ray examinations in black lion and yekatit 12 hospital addis ababa, ethiopia.early childhood exposure carries an enhanced radiation risk and estimated that the probability of induction of cancer especially leukemia is about two to three times as high as in adults. hence, dose measurement is mandatory for optimization in radiation protection to comply with international reference levels.201121456472
pattern of skin diseases at the university teaching hospital, addis ababa, diseases are among the leading causes of hospital visits in ethiopia. an analysis was performed to describe the pattern of skin diseases at a teaching hospital in addis ababa, ethiopia.200011123441
chronic lymphocytic leukaemia in hundred and two cases of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (cll) were seen at the tikur anbessa (black lion) hospital, in addis ababa, ethiopia, from january 1982 to december 1994. the age range was 35-91 (mean 55.6 +/- 11.08) years. the male to female ratio was 3.6:1. the commonest symptoms were weakness, weight loss, fever and sweating. the commonest signs were lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly and hepatomegaly. fifty six per cent had rai stage iii and iv, only three patients were in stage 0. of t ...19968997843
a survey of colonic pathology with a double contrast method and analysis of the indication for a barium enema.a prospective study of colonic pathology with double contrast method was made of 146 patients sent to the x-ray department of the black lion hospital, addis ababa. the barium enemata were done for complaints like constipation, diarrhoea, rectal bleeding and palpable abdominal mass often without any relevant prior physical clinical examinations. of those examined only 26 (17.8%) patients were found to have radiologically colonic pathology and the rest, 120 (82.2%) patients were reported normal. t ...19911935725
leukaemia in adult ethiopians.the pattern of leukaemias in adult ethiopians admitted to tikur anbessa (black lion) hospital, a teaching and referral hospital in addis ababa, ethiopia, from january 1982 to december 1987 [corrected] is analyzed. there were a total of 7969 medical admissions, of which 180 (2.3%) were for leukaemia. the age range was 14 to 80 years, with a mean of 37.6 years. the male:female ratio was 2.3:1. the commonest type of leukaemia was chronic myeloid leukaemia (cml) 57.8%, acute leukaemias and chronic l ...19902307156
maternal and perinatal deaths in an addis ababa hospital, 1980.this paper presents data on perinatal and maternal deaths occurring in the black lion hospital, addis ababa, in 1980. the data were collected by a research midwife. a total of 3936 infants were delivered to 3868 women during this period. the stillbirth rate was 52.6/1000; the perinatal mortality rate was 8.6/1000; and the maternal mortality rate was 7.8/1000. of the 207 stillbirths 92 (44.5%) were unexplained, 66 (31.9%) were due to mechanical causes (e.g., ruptured uterus, cord prolapse, obstru ...19846745250
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