molecular characterisation of three regions of the nuclear ribosomal dna unit and the mitochondrial cox1 gene of sarcocystis fusiformis from water buffaloes (bubalus bubalis) in egypt.a total of 33 macroscopically visible (3-11 × 1-5 mm) sarcocysts of sarcocystis fusiformis were excised from the oesophagus of 12 freshly slaughtered water buffalos in giza, egypt. genomic dna was extracted from the sarcocysts, and all isolates were characterised at the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit i (cox1) gene through pcr amplification and direct sequencing, whereas a few selected isolates were characterised at the 18s and 28s ribosomal (r) rna genes and the internal transcribed ...201526051128
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