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helminthes of synanthropic rodents (rodentia: muridae) from dakahlia and menoufia, egypt.a cross-sectional survey was conducted to monitor and compare the prevalence of helminthes in rodents from dakahlia and menoufia governorates. the domestic rodents (271) were rattus norvegicus, rattus rattus frugivorous, rattus r. alexandrinus, & mus musculus. the overall prevalence of helminthes was 52.8%. in dakahlia, 72/145 rats (49.6%) were infected. the highest prevalence of infection was in r. r. frugivorous 43 (60.4%), then r. r. alexandrinus 44 (47.7%), r. norvegicus 38 (44.7%), and the ...200819209758
the current status of fleas according to environmental changes in some governorates in egypt.a preliminary survey of domestic rodent and their fleas was carried out in different environmental governorates (ismailia, dakahlia, el-fayoum, north sinai and matrouh), egypt. flea index (number of flea/rodent) and percentage frequency of different flea species were recorded in spring (2009- 2010). the main rodent species found were the norway rat, rattus norvegicus, the grey-bellied rat, rattus rattus alexandrinus, the white- bellied rat, rattus rattus frugivorus, the house mouse, mus musculus ...201121634253
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