zoonotic hydatidosis in donkeys: post mortum examination in the zoo, giza, egypt.a total of 17 out of 160 donkeys slaughtered had hepatic hydatidosis as proved macroscopically and microscopically. the epidemiology of zoonotic echinococcosis/hydatidosis was reviewed and discussed.200819143140
zoonotic fascioliasis in donkeys: elisa (fges) and postmortum examination in the zoo, giza, egypt, zoonotic fascioliasis is increasing. in this study, postmortum examination of 88 donkeys used as gargantuan meal in the zoo at giza revealed hepatic fascioliasis in 15 (17.05%). the serum examination for anti-fasciola antibodies by elisa showed positivity in 12/15 with crude worm antigen, and positivity in 14/15 with locally prepared fasciola excretory-secretory (fges) antigen. the zoonotic role of animal fascioliasis was discussed.200718383809
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