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a case study of human migration and the sea cucumber crisis in the galapagos islands.the sea cucumber fishing crisis in galapagos is an example of the potential consequences of rapid migration, growing economic competition, and weak regulatory mechanisms. in a short period of time sea cucumber fishing has become the most inflammatory issue in the galapagos. the key factors that allowed for the efficient exploitation of the new resource were not the fishermen themselves but rather the new fishing techniques and access to credit and markets. this suggests that the annual sea cucum ...200212174601
so long and thanks for all the fish: overexploitation of the regionally endemic galapagos grouper mycteroperca olfax (jenyns, 1840).the regionally endemic galapagos grouper, locally known as bacalao, is one of the most highly prized finfish species within the galapagos marine reserve (gmr). concerns of overfishing, coupled with a lack of fishing regulations aimed at this species raises concerns about the current population health. we assessed changes in population health over a 30-year period using three simple indicators: (1) percentage of fish below reproductive size (lm); (2) percentage of fish within the optimum length i ...201627780213
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