skrjabinura gnedina, 1933 (nematoda: seuratoidea: seuratidae), in birds from the area de conservacion guanacaste, costa rica with description of a new species.two species of skrjabinura gnedina, 1933, were collected in the intestines of birds from the area de conservación guanacaste (acg), costa rica. skrjabinura mesoamericana n. sp. inhabits dendrocincla homochroa, calocitta formosa, dendrocolaptes certhia, basileuterus rufifrons, and chordeiles acutipennis. the new species differs from all species of the genus by having dissimilar spicules, the right having a distinctive thin and bent handle on the proximal end. the new species can be further distin ...200515986622
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