three new species of the genus passeroptes fain (astigmata: dermationidae) from china.three new species of the genus passeroptes (acariformes: dermationidae) are described from passerine birds (passeriformes) in china: passeroptes formosus sp. nov. from garrulax formosus formosus (verreaux) (guizhou), p. poecilorhynchus sp. nov. from garrulax poecilorhynchus berthemyi (david and oustalet) (guizhou), and p. picae sp. nov. from pica pica sericea gould (henan). passeroptes garrulax is redescribed from garrulax poecilorhynchus berthemyi in guizhou.201425081760
cryptosporidium spp. in pet birds: genetic diversity and potential public health characterize the prevalence and assess the zoonotic transmission burden of cryptosporidium species/genotypes in pet birds in henan, china, 434 fecal samples were acquired from 14 families of birds in pet shops. the overall prevalence of cryptopsoridium was 8.1% (35/434) by the sheather's sugar flotation technique. the cryptosporidium-positive samples were analyzed by dna sequence analysis of the small subunit (ssu) rrna gene. three cryptosporidium species and two genotypes were identified, in ...201121557938
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