using species distribution model to estimate the wintering population size of the endangered scaly-sided merganser in china.scaly-sided merganser is a globally endangered species restricted to eastern asia. estimating its population is difficult and considerable gap exists between populations at its breeding grounds and wintering sites. in this study, we built a species distribution model (sdm) using maxent with presence-only data to predict the potential wintering habitat for scaly-sided merganser in china. area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (auc) method suggests high predictive power of the mode ...201525646969
genetic diversity of the endangered scaly-sided merganser (mergus squamatus) in the wintering habitat of central-southern china.the scaly-sided merganser (mergus squamatus), found in temperate east asia, has been reduced to a very small population. central and southern china are its main wintering habitat. however, populations have declined greatly since the 1980s due to habitat loss and degradation, and poaching. to meet the urgent need for up-to-date conservation information, we examined rapd dna markers from 156 specimens in 6 populations in jiangxi province. we found that genetic diversity (based on individual simila ...201323661401
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