[multicenter prospective epidemiological studies on haemophilus influenzae infection among hospitalized children with lower respiratory tract infections].to understand epidemiological characteristics of haemophilus influenzae (hi) infection in hospitalized children with lower respiratory tract infection (lrti) in west sichuan china.201626875462
parasitoids of the eucalyptus gall wasp leptocybe invasa (hymenoptera: eulophidae) in china.leptocybe invasa fisher & la salle (hymenoptera, eulophidae) is an invasive pest in eucalyptus plantations throughout the world. potential biological control agents for l. invasa were investigated in the fujian, guangdong, hainan, guangxi, jiangxi, and sichuan provinces of china, where eucalyptus spp. have been severely damaged by the eucalyptus gall wasp. three hymenopteran parasitoids of l. invasa were identified: quadrastichus mendeli kim & la salle (eulophidae), aprostocetus causalis la sall ...201628000590
[prevalence and influence of diabetic retinopathy in populations at the age of ≥ 40 years in luzhou city, sichuan province in 2011].to estimate the prevalence rate and risk factors of diabetic retinopathy(dr) in residents at the age of ≥ 40 years in luzhou, sichuan province.201324330927
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