characterization of the biological properties and complete genome sequence analysis of a cattle-derived rabies virus isolate from the guangxi province of southern this study, a street rabies virus isolate, gxhxn, was obtained from the brain of one rabid cattle in guangxi province of southern china. to characterize the biological properties of gxhxn, we first evaluated its pathogenicity using 4-week-old adult mice. gxhxn was highly pathogenic with a short incubation period and course of disease. its ld50 of 10(-6.86)/ml is significantly higher than the ld50 of 10(-5.19)/ml of gxn119, a dog-derived rabies virus isolate. it also displayed a higher neurotr ...201425142164
[identification and sequential analysis on rabies virus isolated from a donkey].to identify and analyze the genetic characteristics of nucleoprotein (n) and glycoprotein (g) genes of rabies virus (rabv) isolated from a donkey in wuhan. n gene and g gene of the virus were compared with other representative street strains isolated around hubei areas as well as the vaccine strains used in china and abroad.201222883269
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