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two new and one redescribed species of acanthobothrium (cestoda: onchoproteocephalidea: onchobothriidae) from dasyatis akajei (myliobatiformes: dasyatidae) in the china sea.acanthobothrium ningdense n. sp. and acanthobothrium guanghaiense n. sp. are described from the spiral intestine of the whip stingray, dasyatis akajei (müller & henle). acanthobothrium ningdense n. sp. is reported based on 38 cestode specimens collected at five locations along the chinese coast, i.e. taizhou, zhejiang province, ningde and xiamen, fujian province, taishan, guangdong province and sanya, hainan province between 2012 and 2015. acanthobothrium ningdense n. sp. belongs to the "species ...201627701299
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