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first case of aeromonas schubertii infection in the freshwater cultured snakehead fish, ophiocephalus argus (cantor), in epizootic in snakehead fish, ophiocephalus argus, in earthen ponds in xianning, hubei province, central china, from june to august 2009 was found to be caused by aeromonas schubertii. the cumulative mortality within 40 days was 45%, and the diseased fish were 18 months old and 35-45 cm in length. multiple, ivory-white, firm nodules, 0.5-1 mm in diameter, were scattered throughout the kidney. blood clots, 3-5 mm in diameter, were found in the liver. this is a disease frequently found in cultur ...201222417292
redescription of trypanosoma ophiocephali chen 1964 (kinetoplastida: trypanosomatina: trypanosomatidae) and first record from the blood of dark sleeper (odontobutis obscura temminck and schlegel) in china.during the parasite fauna investigation within 2004 and 2005, the freshwater fish trypanosomes were isolated from the blood of dark sleeper (odontobutis obscura temminck and schlegel) and snakehead fish (ophiocephalus argus cantor) from niushan lake, hubei province, china. blood trypomastigotes were used for light microscopy investigations. the detailed descriptions of three morphological groups of the genus trypanosoma: trypanosoma sp. i and trypanosoma sp. ii found in blood of o. obscura, and ...200616896653
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