diet and brain cancer in adults: a case-control study in northeast china.a hospital-based case-control study was conducted in the heilongjiang province of northeast china between may 1993 and may 1995. a total of 129 histologically confirmed brain cancer cases (73 gliomas and 56 meningiomas) and 258 matched controls were interviewed in 6 major hospitals to examine the influence of dietary factors in developing brain cancer. information was obtained about frequency of consumption of 57 food items. odds ratios (ors) were obtained from conditional logistic regression, i ...199910077146
diet and cancer of the stomach: a case-control study in china.a case-control study focusing on the role of single food items was undertaken in the heilongjiang area, 241 patients with histologically verified stomach cancer and an equal number of controls (with non-neoplastic diseases) matched by age, sex and area of residence being interviewed during a 2-year period. questions asked covered economic status, occupation, histories of smoking and drinking, diet and dietary habits and disease history. data concerning the average frequency and quantity of consu ...19883346096
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