environmental concerns related to high thallium levels in soils and thallium uptake by plants in southwest guizhou, china.thallium (tl) contamination in soils poses a significant threat to human health due to the high toxicity of tl and its ready assimilation by crops. this study is focused on high concentrations of tl in soils in the lanmuchang area of southwest guizhou, china, which is related to natural processes of tl-rich sulfide mineralization. thallium contents range from 40 to 124 mg/kg in soils originating from the mining area, from 20 to 28 mg/kg in slope wash materials, from 14 to 62 mg/kg in alluvial de ...200414654287
two new species of ulocladium from southwest china.ulocladium subcucurbitae and u. brassicae are described and illustrated. these species were isolated from diseased leaves of chenopodium glaucum and brassica pekinensis from guizhou and yunnan provinces of china respectively.200818751552
characterization, distribution, and risk assessment of heavy metals in agricultural soil and products around mining and smelting areas of hezhang, china.mining and smelting have been releasing huge amount of toxic substances into the environment. in the present study, agricultural soil and different agricultural products (potato, chinese cabbage, garlic bolt, corn) were analyzed to examine the source, spatial distribution, and risk of 12 elements (as, be, bi, cd, co, cr, cu, hg, ni, pb, sb, and zn) in agricultural soil near mine fields, smelting fields, and mountain field around hezhang county, west of guizhou province, china. multivariate stati ...201526590987
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