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[safe wintering and economic and ecological benefit of winter rapeseed in dry and cold areas of northern china].the purpose of this study was to realize the security of safe wintering of winter rapeseed in dry and cold regions of northern china. experiments were conducted with 18 winter rapeseed (brassica campestris) varieties at 57 sites from 2008 to 2013 to statistically analyze the wintering rate variation of different varieties in dry and cold regions of northern china. the results showed that, the wintering rate varied from 70% to 90% during the study period in different regions, which had no signifi ...201526995911
beneficial effects of tobacco biochar combined with mineral additives on (im)mobilization and (bio)availability of pb, cd, cu and zn from pb/zn smelter contaminated soils.the efficacy of tobacco biochar (tb) alone and in combined with mineral additives: ca-hydroxide (ch), ca-bentonite (cb) and natural zeolite (nz), on immobilization of pb, cd, cu and zn, via reduce its (bio) availability to plants were investigated. the soils were collected from tongguan contaminated (tg-c), fengxian heavily contaminated (fx-hc) and fengxian lightly contaminated (fx-lc) fields, shaanxi province, china. the contaminated top soils were treated with low-cost amendments with an appli ...201728787614
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