redescription of heligmosomoides neopolygyrus, asakawa and ohbayashi, 1986 (nematoda: heligmosomidae) from a chinese rodent, apodemus peninsulae (rodentia: muridae); with comments on heligmosomoides polygyrus polygyrus (dujardin, 1845) and related species in china and japan.heligmosomoides neopolygyrus, asakawa and ohbayashi, 1986 (nematoda, heligmosomoidea) is redescribed from apodemus peninsulae from rangtang, sichuan, china. a morphological review of the heligmosomoides spp. belonging to the "polygyrus line" proposed by asakawa (1988) is made using new characters. this enabled us to distinguish two subspecies in mus musculus (heligmosomoides polygyrus bakeri from japan and h. p. polygyrus from china) and two valid species in apodemus spp. (h. neopolygyrus from j ...201223193521
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