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[n2o emission from an intensively managed greenhouse vegetable field in nanjing suburb, jiangsu province of east china].by using static opaque chamber and gas chromatography, this paper studied the dynamic changes of n2o fluxes and their relationships with soil temperature, soil moisture content, and soil nitrate and ammonium contents in an intensively managed greenhouse celery-tung choy-bok choy-amaranth rotation field and in a bare fallow land in nanjing suburb. the cumulative n2o emission from the rotation vegetable field was as high as 137.2 kg n x hm(-2), being significantly higher than that from the bare fa ...201222720619
a universal pcr primer to detect members of the potyviridae and its use to examine the taxonomic status of several members of the family.a universal primer (sprimer: 5'-ggx aay aay agy ggx caz cc-3', x = a, g, c or t; y = t or c; z = a or g), designed from the consensus sequences that code for the conserved sequence gnnsgqp in the nib region of members of the family potyviridae, was used to amplify by rt-pcr the 3'-terminal genome regions from infected plant samples representing 21 different viruses in the family. sequencing of some of the fragments (c. 1.7 kb) showed that the type strain (attc pv-107) of oat necrotic mottle viru ...200111402861
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