epidemic of wild-origin h1nx avian influenza viruses in anhui, the natural hosts of avian influenza viruses (aivs), aquatic and migratory birds provide a gene pool for genetic transfer among species and across species, forming transient "genome constellations." this work describes the phylogenetic dynamics of h1nx based on the complete molecular characterization of eight genes of viruses that were collected from 2014 to 2015 in anhui province, china.201728669354
new h6 influenza virus reassortment strains isolated from anser fabalis in anhui province, china.h6 subtype avian influenza viruses are globally distributed and, in recent years, have been isolated with increasing frequency from both domestic and wild bird species as well as infected humans. many reports have examined the viruses in the context of poultry or several wild bird species, but there is less information regarding their presence in migratory birds.201728222765
seasonal dynamics of wintering waterbirds in two shallow lakes along yangtze river in anhui province.the shallow lake wetlands in the middle and lower yangtze river floodplain are important wintering and stopover habitats for migratory waterbirds on the east asia-australia flyway. with increasing fishery practices in recent years, however, the wetlands have deteriorated significantly and now threaten wintering waterbirds. to gain insight into the influence of deteriorating wetlands on waterbirds, we conducted a survey of wintering waterbird species, population size, and distribution across 11 b ...201122006808
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