complete genomic sequence of a novel reassortant h11n3 influenza virus isolated from domestic ducks in jiangsu, china.for the first time we report the complete genomic sequence of an h11n3 influenza virus from domestic ducks in china. phylogenetic analysis showed that the h11n3 virus was a novel reassortant with its genes from different subtypes of domestic duck-origin avian influenza viruses, which further underlined that domestic ducks play a key role in the genetic reassortment and evolution of influenza viruses in china.201223043179
a novel highly pathogenic h5n8 avian influenza virus isolated from a wild duck in china.migrating wild birds are considered natural reservoirs of influenza viruses and serve as a potential source of novel influenza strains in humans and livestock. during routine avian influenza surveillance conducted in eastern china, a novel h5n8 (sh-9) reassortant influenza virus was isolated from a mallard duck in china. blast analysis revealed that the ha, na, pb1, pa, np, and m segments of sh-9 were most closely related to the corresponding segments of a/duck/jiangsu/k1203/2010 (h5n8). the sh- ...201425363159
prevalence of low pathogenic avian influenza virus in one live bird market in eastern china from 2002-2011.the role of live bird markets (lbms) in the perpetuation of avian influenza virus (aiv) has been well studied worldwide; however, there is a paucity of information on the prevalence of different aiv subtypes in lbms in eastern china. in this study, long-term surveillance was conducted to investigate the prevalence of aiv in chickens, ducks, and geese in an lbm in yangzhou city, jiangsu province, eastern china, between july 2002 and may 2011. the study used primary virus isolation and subtype-spe ...201323678747
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