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role of poultry in the spread of novel h7n9 influenza virus in china.the recent outbreak of h7n9 influenza in china has resulted in many human cases with a high fatality rate. poultry are the likely source of infection for humans on the basis of sequence analysis and virus isolations from live bird markets, but it is not clear which species of birds are most likely to be infected and shedding levels of virus sufficient to infect humans. intranasal inoculation of chickens, japanese quail, pigeons, pekin ducks, mallard ducks, muscovy ducks, and embden geese with 10 ...201424574407
[metorchis orientalis founded in basin of wuhu city, anhui province].to investigate the epidemic situation of metorchis orientalis in wuhu city, anhui province.201526510365
characterization of a novel h3n2 influenza virus isolated from domestic ducks in china.cases of human infection with a novel h7n9 avian influenza virus (aiv) were first reported in march 2013, which caused 115 deaths within a single year. beyond that, other subtypes of h7 aiv were isolated from poultry in eastern china during the same period, including h7n7 and h7n2 aiv. in the present study, a subtype h3n2 aiv was isolated from ducks from anhui province, china. sequence and phylogenetic analyses revealed that seven gene segments of this virus showed the highest sequence homology ...201627000112
investigation on the endemic characteristics of metorchis orientalisin huainan area, chinato investigate the endemic characteristics of metorchis orientalis (m. orientalis)in the huainan area, anhui province, china.201728627206
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