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evaluation of attractants for monitoring drosophila suzukii (diptera: drosophilidae).drosophila suzukii matsumura is an economically important pest of soft and small fruit crops. unlike other drosophilid flies, d. suzukii is capable of infesting ripe and partially ripe fruit, which poses a significant pest management challenge, as there is no tolerance for infested or damaged fruit in the marketplace. as a result, producers in many regions rely on calendar-scheduled insecticide applications for d. suzukii management. in order to develop an integrated pest management approach, be ...201728444365
native vaccinium spp. and gaylussacia spp. infested by rhagoletis mendax (diptera: tephritidae) in the great lakes region: a potential source of inoculum for infestation of cultivated this study, we addressed the question of whether or not native stands of blueberry (vaccinium spp.) and/or huckleberry (gaylussacia spp.) support populations of blueberry maggot, rhagoletis mendax curran, in the great lakes region. infestation of commercial blueberries by the blueberry maggot, r. mendax, is a serious problem in many areas where blueberries are grown. in the past 10-20 yr, commercial bighbush blueberry, vaccinium corymbosum l., production has expanded into places such as south ...200111777039
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