levels of 226ra, 210pb and total u in fish near a saskatchewan uranium mine and mill.radionuclide levels in fish from the beaverlodge lake area, saskatchewan, canada, varied significantly among lakes, species and tissues, but did not vary with fish sex or age. fish from lakes affected by an operating uranium mine and mill had radionuclide levels one to two orders of magnitude above levels in fish from an uncontaminated control lake. concentrations were greatest in white suckers, intermediate in lake whitefish, and low in lake trout. skin and bone contained the highest radionucli ...19836688247
elevated mercury concentrations in fish in lakes in the mackenzie river basin: the role of physical, chemical, and biological factors.during the mid-1990s and through the early 2000s, researchers determined that elevated mercury concentrations were a common occurrence in predatory fish in many lakes in the mackenzie river basin (mrb), located in northern canada. here we present the results of studies investigating factors contributing to higher mercury concentrations in fish in many of these lakes. twenty-two percent of lake trout, 33% of northern pike, and 50% of walleye populations had mean mercury concentrations >0.5 microg ...200516183101
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