geographical dissemination of leptospira interrogans serovar pomona during seasonal migration of california sea lions.leptospirosis is one of the most widespread bacterial zoonoses in the world and affects most mammalian species. although leptospirosis is well documented and characterized in terrestrial species, less information is available regarding the distribution and impact of leptospirosis in marine mammals. additionally, the role of animal migrations on the geographical spread of leptospirosis has not been reported. periodic epizootic outbreaks of acute leptospirosis among california sea lions (zalophus ...200919186009
discovery of an orthoreovirus in the aborted fetus of a steller sea lion (eumetopias jubatus).an aborted mid-gestational male steller sea lion fetus with an attached placenta was recovered on the floor of an open floating capture trap located off norris rock near denman island, british columbia. viral culture of the placenta demonstrated cytopathic effect. although no specific signal was obtained in microarray experiments using rna obtained from viral culture, elution and sequence analysis revealed the presence of a reovirus. complete genome pyrosequencing led to the identification of an ...201121795475
pbde flame retardants and pcbs in migrating steller sea lions (eumetopias jubatus) in the strait of georgia, british columbia, canada.polybrominated diphenyl ethers (pbdes) and polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) were measured in blubber biopsy samples from 22 live-captured steller sea lions (eumetopias jubatus) that had just entered the strait of georgia, british columbia, canada, for their overwintering feeding season. ∑pbde ranged from 50μgkg(-1) (lipid weight) in adult females to 3780μgkg(-1) in subadult individuals. ∑pcbs ranged from 272μgkg(-1) in adult females to 14280μgkg(-1) in subadult individuals. while most pbde and p ...201222560183
entanglement of steller sea lions (eumetopias jubatus) in marine debris: identifying causes and finding solutions.entanglement in marine debris is a contributing factor in steller sea lion (ssl; eumetopias jubatus) injury and mortality. we quantified ssl entanglement by debris type, sex and age class, entanglement incidence, and estimated population level effects. surveys of ssl haul-outs were conducted from 2000-2007 in southeast alaska and northern british columbia. we recorded 386 individuals of all age classes as being either entangled in marine debris or having ingested fishing gear. packing bands were ...200919631950
oil spills and marine mammals in british columbia, canada: development and application of a risk-based conceptual framework.marine mammals are inherently vulnerable to oil spills. we developed a conceptual framework to evaluate the impacts of potential oil exposure on marine mammals and applied it to 21 species inhabiting coastal british columbia (bc), canada. oil spill vulnerability was determined by examining both the likelihood of species-specific (individual) oil exposure and the consequent likelihood of population-level effects. oil exposure pathways, ecology, and physiological characteristics were first used to ...201728695252
lion king or aslan: a tale from narnia!in the chronicles of narnia series by c.s. lewis, aslan the all-powerful but benevolent lion does not need to have his tail twisted; rather, he twists tails to create convergence and harmony in his dream world. in this issue's lead article, "twisting the lion's tail: collaborative health policy making in british columbia," the authors discuss the problems regarding better coordination of health services research, knowledge translation and policy making. the roles of academia, health authorities ...201121677516
the ecological footprint of lions gate hospital.the first-ever ecological footprint of a hospital was carried out in the summer of 2001 in north vancouver, british columbia. although there has been growing concern that the healthcare system in canada might be adversely affecting the environment, there have been few analyses of its environmental impact. lions gate hospital bravely agreed to participate in this study and have its footprint calculated. this displays real leadership, reflecting very positively on the hospital's commitment to beco ...200412061109
creative solutions through utilization this second and concluding report on utilization management practices at lions gate hospital in british columbia, the authors outline various initiatives that improve efficiency and increase quality of care. topics explored are laparoscopic cholecystectomy as an example of new technology that can save time and resources, a home iv therapy program, co-ordinating care by means of coordinated care mapping, and improving operating room efficiency through rigorous scheduling.200410125209
utilization management: reduced costs--improved service.this is the first of a two-part series in which the authors discuss utilization management initiatives at lions gate hospital in north vancouver, british columbia. these initiatives included data collected from the hospital medical records institute that led to a change in care patterns in the psychiatry department, adapting an external same-day surgery program that reduced bed-days, and an analysis of emergency room admissions that led to 55 per cent reduction in the number of these patients wa ...200010124283
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