the abiotic and biotic factors limiting establishment of predatory fishes at their expanding northern range boundaries in ontario, canada.there is a poor understanding of the importance of biotic interactions in determining species distributions with climate change. theory from invasion biology suggests that the success of species introductions outside of their historical ranges may be either positively (biotic acceptance) or negatively (biotic resistance) related to native biodiversity. using data on fish community composition from two survey periods separated by approximately 28 years during which climate was warming, we examine ...201525556555
temporal pcb and mercury trends in lake erie fish communities: a dynamic linear modeling analysis.we performed dynamic linear modeling analysis on fish contaminant data collected from the ontario ministry of the environment and environment canada to examine long-term trends of total mercury (thg) and polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) in lake erie. several sport fish species (walleye, smallmouth bass, rainbow trout) with differences in their diet habits, food competition strategies and foraging patterns are characterized by weakly increasing trends of their thg levels in lake erie after the mi ...201121835464
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